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About Milton Computers

Do you remember computers with no hard drives?

How about life before the inventions of the 3 1/2″ floppy drive or the CD ROM? Forget flash and wi/fi!

Hi, I’m John Marshall, owner and President of Milton Computers, Inc. and I remember it well. I don’t know about “good” but those surly were the “old days”. Many of you who have grown up in the brave world of “plug and play” have found out that “plug and pray” is more like it but those of us that have been building and troubleshooting computers for 25+ years can say without a doubt that you should count your blessings. RAM parity, com port interrupts and port sharing were just some of the problems we dealt with daily. Add to that the erratic behavior of most of Microsoft’s products and you start to get an idea of what it has taken to get you those killer gamers you enjoy today. For more about upgrades, click on our services hyperlink.

Back in the ’80’s computers were pretty scarce in Milton and Pace. (Pace was just plain scarce). I was working in offices around town but mostly on low tech paper handling devices like shredders and laminators. Little by little, companies started adding PC’s and I got to start using my education in computers. It had started way back in 1974 with my first programming course at McNeese State University and evolved through another degree from the Microprocessor Technical Institute in Houston, Texas and of course, ownership of some early model pc’s. Anybody out there remember the Timex Sinclair or the TI 994a? I finally converted the Texas Instrument’s machine into a clock and hung it on the wall of my office as a reminder of the journey. In another place in our lab, we’ve held on to an 8 inch floppy disk. Did you know such a thing existed? These little reminders help us to remember that our own struggles parallel many of our customers current hardships. When you remember your roots, empathy and compassion for customers comes pretty naturally and if there is anything this industry needs, it’s a little honest compassion. We want your experience with our store to reflect that degree of understanding whether it’s to help you hammer through the ridiculous recklessness of virus infections or stand beside your expansion of your office’s network…Milton Computers is the answer.