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Another prediction come true!

2 Years ago we made this prediction!

Toward the end of summer 2011, nature struck Indonesia in a big way and I made a prediction that it would mark the end of the long lived spindle disk era. I believe that has come true. For nearly 2 years now we have been promoting the virtues of solid state technology and as such, one of our largest vendors says we are selling more SSD's than any of his other stores of our size. This doesn't really surprise me since we don't really "sell" stuff; morelike, we "provide" it. Our customers have gotten used to hearing the straight talk (without techno babble) on how to remedy their problems or make sensible upgrades. The SSD is one of those components that can do both!

There has long been a saying that there are only 2 kinds of computer users in the world: 1)those who have had a harddrive crash and 2)those who will have. In the past, the spinning drives have had a lifespan of about 4 or 5 years and their warranties have steadily been getting shorter. Most are 1 year. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence, does it? Now, consider the SSD. Their warranties are typically 3 to 5 years and the actual MTBF (mean time between failures) can only be guessed at since the failure rates are so very low. It is now common to hear estimated MTBFs of over a MILLION HOURS! That's over 100 years! That should get your attention.
Now, let's talk performance. No moving parts means no waiting on motors, bearings, wheels and other "high tech phonograph" parts to kick in. Nope, the SSD relies on the speed of electron movement (you know, like light) so swapping out your old harddrive for a new SSD will speed up even an older machine. The only thing your old machine must have is a SATA connection. We can check for that. With prices currently around a buck a gig, it is time for you to upgrade.

We refuse to participate in a recession!

How you can participate in a recession:

1) reduce advertising - after all, who can afford to advertise now!?

2) cut back on your stock - money’s tight so don’t waste it on the shelf

3) lower your quality - that’s bound to save you money

Do those three things and you’ll get you’re recession but don’t count on Milton Computers joining you. We are systematically increasing all 3 of these areas to serve our customers better. Come let us prove it. Milton Computers doesn’t need a bail out, WE NEED YOU to keep coming in and sending your friends. That’s all. We’ll take care of you with top quality assistance at down home prices.


Feb 11th, 2013

SSD in 2013

Does it seem like every time you get a new "fast" computer, somebody else has one just a little faster? It's time to take charge! Our customization abilities allow us to build some of the fastest machines on the market and still keep the price reasonable. And this includes LAPTOPS. Come in and talk to Jessie, Josh or John about customizing a computer to unlock its real potential. Faster boots, screen changes, uploads, it's all there.

2013 IS the year of the solid state Harddrive!


Feb 11th, 2013

Kaspersky 2013 still proves to be head and shoulders above the rest. We have it!

Ver 2013 - good for up to 3 users. Internet Security and support included.

Don’t waste your money on inferior protection - this is always good advice! Many of the names you are used to hearing in the Anti-Virus world have “dropped the ball” and aren’t what they used to be. We know because we see the results every day - and I mean EVERY DAY.

Kaspersky out performs Norton, AVG, McAfee, Avast, Trend Micro and many others for less than 25 bucks a computer (based on 3 pc’s).

Of course, if you have something else and get infected, we can still help you. Most times, we can still save your data, clean up your Harddrive and get you back going in about 3 business days.


Jan 9th, 2013

Let us help you with hurricane preparedness by getting your files in order.

Yay! We got another year without a weather disaster and we still want to stay prepared. How? In a word - BACKUP. Over the past we have noticed that there has been some misconception about what it means to be "backed up" so let's clear it up right here. By definition, backup means that your precious data is in two or more places. That way when one gets corrupted, there is at least one other reference from which to retrieve it. What it doesn't mean is that you can move data from one place to another and then delete it from the original place to conserve space. If space is the issue, ok but copy your data to at least two places before you delete it if you want to have a proper backup. Whether it's a flash drive, external harddrive, DVD copies or off sight backups, it is UP TO YOU to get backed up in case the weather requires a hasty exit. But we can help. Just come by or call. By the way, if you have an old computer or just an old harddrive, we can make an external drive from the old one. This can be a major convenience and it's a GREEN THING TO DO.