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Computer Repair

$20.00 Diagnostic - Sounds cheap and it is. It’s not going to cost a fortune just to find out how big your problem is. Most times this is also the first step in your repair so if you chose to fix your machine you’re already on your way. Btw, (my kids taught me that) often our diagnostics are actually FREE! That's because we've been doing this so long that we often can spot the problem just from your description of the symptoms. And, most importantly, once we troubleshoot, we talk to you about your options and then we can fix it right here. Sounds a little basic but believe it or not, not all "repair" places do that.

Hardware/Software repairs - let’s face it, times ain’t easy and if you can save a buck and still get what you need, then it’s probably the smart way to go. Hey, don’t consume it - fix it. Ok, that was my GREEN speech. Yeah, it was a little self-serving.

Laptop Repair - Well, we made it to 2013. In 2005, Computerworld referenced a major computer manufacturer’s prediction that by 2008 laptop sales would outpace sales of “their beige-box cousins” -desktops. They missed the color thing but they were right on about notebooks. You love ‘em, you buy ‘em, you break ‘em and somebody needs to fix ‘em. That’s us. We’ve got your back. It’s not as cheap as PC repair (for now) because of proprietary parts but we want what you want so it’s time to step up. We’ve built an extensive network of resources to repair and upgrade nearly every model and if it’s not fiscally reasonable to fix it, we’ll tell you so. Screen replacements run $200 to $275, harddrives are roughly the same as towers (go big - better bang for the buck). Motherboards are ridiculous but sometimes we find used ones that work just fine. One last thing: the number one problem we see with notebook hardware is broken power jacks. These are not good but not the end of the world. On some models we have to completely dissassemble the unit, resolder or replace the jack and then rebuild it. That doesn’t happen quickly if it is to be done correctly so we flat rate them @ $220 to save you a few bucks. Some of the newer units have an easier replacement routine with plug ins instead of solder joints. Those are cheaper, of course and flat rate at $180. While we’re in there, we’ll clean the unit and regrease the heatsinks.

Custom Computer Builds

What if you could get a computer professionally built, exactly to your specs at a wholesale price? With Milton Computers’ flat rate pricing, we give you the next best thing. Your design parameters get plugged into our spreadsheet and our reasonable flat rate is added to cover engineering, design, building, setup, shipping, and warranty. It’s that easy. No pressure because no salesperson stands to gain by pushing hardware on you that you simply don’t need.

Ok, so how’s this going to impact your computer purchase. Well, think about it this way: manufacturers have very little cost differences in many of their products. A one gig stick of RAM looks pretty much like a 4 gig stick and who can tell how big a harddrive is without reading the label? Yeah, me either. So, as such, much of their pricing is designed just to set the sizes apart. The industry then converts our costs into “street” pricing…what we can get for it. Sorry, for the bluntness but since historically this is a ridiculously low margin, compared to normal retail markets, you have nothing to fear since parts are always cheap. Even so, you don’t want to pay “street” for your parts and then pay to have them put together and that’s what many of the “big guys” do. Just look at the come on deals you find online that turn out to be regretfully expensive once you get them upgraded to match your real needs. That doesn’t happen here.

So, come on in. We’ll give you a custom quote prepared just for you and the bigger system you want, the more you stand to save.

Hey, one more thing - we use the best parts available to build our systems and many of them come with a 3 year warranty right from the factory. This warranty becomes yours automatically so think about that the next time some salesman strongly suggests that you add the extended warranty to your purchase. Just wanted you to know.

On-site Computer Repair - Need us to come to your computer - sure. We have a one hour minimum @$80 and a $25 trip charge if you are within 15 miles of our place. Should your call go over one hour, don’t worry, we bill in 1/4 hour increments (not 1 hour). The idea is to take the pressure off you and the technician so we can maximize efficiency. Call for specials.